About Us

Are you like us and have a never ending supply of pills, potions and powders? All that need to go with you to a cafe, work, and on holiday? 
But how do you take them with you in an organised way, without looking like a nanna?
Those big bulky containers don't travel well, trust us, you don't want to see our bathroom cabinet.
The next best option: the cheap plastic pill cases. No, thank you.
Or.... just shove the pills in a zip lock bag. The only problem.. heading to your local cafe for brunch and whipping out a bag of pills is not a good look.
So we started searching for a stylish, on-the-go style.
A simple solution, that looks good.
But, we found nothing. How? Everyone takes pills and vitamins, right!
For two years, we searched. For two years, we stuffed pills in zip lock bags... waiting to get arrested.
Finally, we decided to create a wallet designed for wellness!

At 36, Honor started having unexplained chest pain. Despite being relatively healthy, she ignored it for some time until it became unbearable. An ultrasound revealed she had gallstones in abundance and very soon after had emergency Cholecystectomy.

Long suffering from the effects of gallbladder removal, Honor needs to take daily vitamins and digestive enzymes with every meal to ensure her body functions at its peak. But as a young professional, Honor felt daggy taking out her pills from a traditional pill box, and sometimes she would forget to take them.

The need to remember to take my pills daily and to carry them with me, lead my search for something stylish, something I'd feel comfortable using at a cafe or restaurant and I found nothing. So I started playing with the idea of creating my own updated pill case,” Honor said.

Honor set out to rock the vitamin industry and make public pill popping an acceptable and fashionable experience.

Taking the experience from drab to fab, Honor re-imagined pill taking and launched dosey, giving men and women in Australia the chance to pop a pill in style. With aisles and aisles of vitamins at the chemist and supermarket, Honor knew there had to be a better way to provide a solution for ‘wellness on the go’.

The dosey collection is made from vegan leather and available in dusty pink or black. Each wallet contains PVC cleanable and reusable pouches for easy storage.